Sahli Mosque, we built together with Al Ghareem from Iraq.

From 3d design until the actual building process.
A bridge is a connecting piece.

We believe we are the connection from idea until the building process
Sport is international. That is why we collaborated with Al Ghareem to bring sports to Iraq
Roads come in many layers. We also bring many layers to your projects
Rebuilding the future bringing back energy in Iraq with Al Ghareem
Sewerage in all sizes just like our projects.
Presentation is key when it comes to a great entrance
Water is an important basic need for everyone. We like to do our part to bring it to the people

If better can be done. We must do it first!

Photos from Our Mechanical and Electrical projects



From drawing table to the actual building. Orbit Engineering Development BV is equipped with the professionals helping you to realize your dreams.


We at Orbit Engineering Development BV are experienced in all sorts of constructions. In this field we always strive for the best result.


Planning our work so you get a fast result in the best possible way. We say what we do but also do what we're saying.

All in One

We have professionals that can handle the entire building proces. From design to development and everything in between.